3 Reasons Active RFID Will Be Your Best Friend
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When you’re the one responsible for high-value reusable containers being shipped, received, or stored, it’s only natural to worry about what could go wrong. Stolen containers, damage caused by improper handling, or even just shipping one to the wrong location can add significant expenses to your budget. Accountability can be reinforced by serializing containers, applying barcoded decals or implementing a passive RFID tracking system – but they lack the real-time monitoring capabilities to give you the most peace of mind.

An active RFID system provides you with a great deal more granularity of data. Active RFID tags are equipped with their own on-board battery, and are more proactive in their communications, providing the reassurance you’re looking for when dealing with high-value products.

The top 3 reasons why Active RFID will be your best friend are:

  • Active RFID provides true real-time monitoring of your assets, with active RFID tags acting as beacons, announcing their location at regular intervals.
  • Active tags have the longest communication range of any tracking system; some tags can be read by active RFID readers at ranges of more than 100 meters!
  • Some active tags are even capable of sensing local temperature, humidity, motion, and performing self-diagnostics.


The ability of a tag to announce its presence is what makes active RFID far more secure than any other tracking device. Additionally, the long-range communication capabilities of the tags means that even if some end up where they’re not supposed to be, you can still know where they ended up, eliminating the need to waste time searching.

The internal power source also gives active tags the ability to conduct diagnostic tests of their surroundings. This is invaluable in keeping climate-sensitive goods from being damaged due to fluctuating air temperature or humidity. Such tags can announce to the reader if conditions in the immediate area change, or otherwise become unsuitable for more delicate items.

Using active RFID reduces the possibility of human error, and gives you a powerful tool to keep your containers on the grid and where they need to be.

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