3 Ways to Save Through Automation
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Increased visibility and comprehensive reusables management can greatly improve performance and cost-savings in your supply chain. However, the manual performance of slow tasks, and the management of a complex web of interdependent parts, can still pose significant challenges.

Acknowledging the elements of your process that are already optimized can be just as important as understanding what processes needs improvement; “fixing what isn’t broken” could in fact have a negative impact on your productivity and profitability.

A reusable container management solution is at its best when it is driven by the core of reusables tracking, shaped by the touch of involved management efforts, and automated to optimize efficiency.


Before beginning a more technologically-driven reusable container management initiative, a supplier may have existing methods of generating orders, capturing transactions, or transmitting data. Integrating with these methods can greatly accelerate the onboarding process and ease the transition to a new system. This can include importing and translating “flat file” documents, Excel files, and more.


Associating inventory with containers allows for rapid generation of the picking tickets used to build trailers. These picking tickets can be built and pushed to mobile users in real time.


The manual scanning of barcoded containers is a labor-intensive effort, requiring employee resources and the potential for human error that accompanies it. Deploying RFID to replace the manual scanning can increase the speed and accuracy of data capture, especially when high-volumes of tagged assets must be tracked.

Integration with current processes, and the automation of simple, repetitive processes, has the potential to realize the greatest cost savings in a reusable container management initiative. Prior to process automation, even highly-skilled professionals must spend much of their valuable time on repetitive processes, such as planning, monitoring, and coordination. While automation of these processes allows them to focus on finding new and more profitable avenues for progression and growth, proper integration with existing methods and management can return as much, if not more, value.

Minimize the mistakes, and ensure you can succeed, in both the short term and the long term.

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