Bridging The SAP Gap
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Choosing to implement an enterprise-wide management program, like SAP, means you understand the value of integrating all of your info management systems into one solution, to get your processes under control and to increase your competitive advantage. From advanced electronic resource planning to working in the cloud, integrating with SAP can bring a lot of benefits with it.

But just getting the program started can take years, forcing you to implement only the most basic functions and then creating a prioritized list for all the rest.  Companies soon learn this list can quickly become overwhelming, and consumes resources for years to come. You need a solution capable of dealing with the rapidly-changing nature of your enterprise.

To bridge the gap for SAP deployments, and help you take projects “off the list,” Wave Reaction delivers functionality modules that seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP programs, without requiring specialist personnel or additional resources. These modules allow your business to run as normal until your installation team can catch up, to keep your business moving forward with the data you need in real-time – ensuring valuable demand data, transaction records, and more don’t fall into the gap. Use them while you need them, deactivate them when you don’t anymore.

We know your processes can change rapidly as improvements are made, and tailored changes can be deployed in days, not months, to ensure your system meets your demanding requirements. We move at the speed of business, and allow your business to progress just as rapidly.

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