One Solution, Many Parts
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In the last decade, the use of reusable plastic containers has been gaining traction within a wide variety of industries – from manufacturing and transportation, to waste management and retail. As lean manufacturing practices have been adopted throughout the modern manufacturing process, reusable container solutions have become not only ubiquitous, but a vital element.

Unfortunately, most companies with a reusable container program find it can become too large and too time-consuming to fit the core competency of their organization. Some organizations have no strategy to standardize or automate their container management, while some don’t even know where their containers are at any given moment, with no method in place to track their movements.

For these reasons, Wave Reaction offers full-service reusable container management services – allowing your organization to focus on what it does best, while we focus on our core competency: reusable container management.

Increasing container visibility throughout the supply chain helps to optimize overall inventory. By monitoring the finished goods inventory in the distribution supply chain, companies can optimize the distribution of their stock, as well as control production schedules. The ultimate container management solution should allow for order fulfillment based on automated demand, allowing the needs of a location to drive the replenishment process.

Additionally, management can be more proactive, as alerts are pushed to users for a variety of events – from the placement of a rush order, to a potential container shortfall. Corrective actions can be taken, preventing minor problems from becoming major issues. These alerts can even be configured to be delivered to recipients who are not users of the system, ensuring the right people always have the container management information they need to act.

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