Outplaying Management Challenges
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A reusable container management system can improve efficiency and save you money by increasing visibility in your supply chain – giving you the data you need to reduce transportation issues and production slowdowns throughout your enterprise.

With the adoption of lean manufacturing, reusable containers have become both ubiquitous and vital to the modern manufacturing process. Lean manufacturing initiatives require suppliers to send the correct part, in the correct container, in the correct quantity, at the correct time and stored in the correct location.  This is all done using a reusable container.

The Management Challenge

However, after the contents of the reusable container have been used, by definition, the reusable container must be returned to the original point-of-use to be reused.  This journey may include a stop at a warehouse for cleaning, sorting, and repair. Managing the procurement, marking, movement, repair and cleaning of reusable containers is outside the scope of the standard functionality available in the typical enterprise resource planning application.

Typically, management of the reusable containers is an afterthought in the overall design of enterprise material flow, left to an individual with an excel spreadsheet or a home-grown software application. In short, reusable containers are often not tracked by standard enterprise business management software because they are not raw material, WIP, or finished goods.

The Reusables Solution

WAVE reusables SaaS fills the gap for companies by providing reusable container management services as an independent, standalone albeit potentially fully integrated application, allowing companies to manage containers without having to make customizations to enterprise ERP installations.

In its simplest form, WAVE reusables SaaS can act completely independent of the current technology stack.  In its most mature operation, WAVE reusables SaaS is set up to integrate directly with each of the software applications, providing complete reusable container tracking in addition to an assortment of operational efficiencies including:

  • JIT (Just In Time) for efficient material flow
  • Reduced Operating Cost
  • Reduced Logistics Cost
  • Reducing Capital Expense on Loss

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