The Benefits of Real-Time Fleet Management
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When you are responsible for fleet management and the high-value reusable containers being shipped, received, or stored, it’s only natural to be concerned about their condition throughout the process. Stolen containers, damage caused by improper handling, or even a mis-shipment to the wrong location can add significant expense to tight budgets.

Real-time snap-in solutions are available for logistics management, from tracking the movement of full and empty trailers within your lot, to understanding driver activity and vehicle telemetry. These snap-ins allow for the tracking the real-time location of your devices, with a companion app available with a history log of deliveries and driver actions.

Real-time tracking is made possible by sending frequent live tracking update requests to a GPS-enabled device. The fleet manager, and shipping personnel, will know the vehicle’s real-time location, the estimated time of arrival to its destination, and other essential information regarding a vehicle’s current activity.

Some major benefits of real-time tracking:

1) Asset Recovery

One of the benefits of real-time tracking is the ability to locate vehicles easily, in the event of a vehicle going missing. From the moment a fleet vehicle is moved out of its tracked parking space, the real-time position of the trailer can be identified – as well as every asset associated with the trailer load.

2) Customer service

With real-time tracking, you have the access to vehicle information including current location, speed, and how far it is to its destination. In case of delay, your customer won’t have to wait with uncertainty by communicating with them the estimated time of delivery.

3) Reduction of fuel expenditure

Real-time tracking gives your actionable data, recording when an employee is idling or using the vehicle outside of work-related duties (idling and unauthorized usage are the leading cause of fuel waste). Additionally, the WAVE reusables app makes capturing driver activities like trailer pick-up and drop-off, breaks, and refueling stops easily, automatically capturing timestamps and GPS locations.



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