Remote Possibilities
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Companies that utilize reusable assets often choose to mark them with embedded RFID tags. RFID sets itself apart from simple barcode labels with its ability to “beacon,” or announce its presence, at specific places or intervals. But recording the presence of an asset is only scratching the surface of what is possible in technology-enabled reusable container management.

The remote operation of almost any electrical device, enabled by an array of sensors, from temperature and light level to weight change and physical position detection, can be made possible with the right type of RFID tag and a coordinated setup. Properly contextualized, the presence of a tag can be easily applied to a wide variety of uses, particularly when integrated our WAVE reusables software.


Some of the simplest applications are the transmission of notifications that an event has occurred remotely. From activating a flashing light in the main office when a trailer has arrived at the loading dock, to activating an audible alarm when a temperature increase is detected in a controlled-environment warehouse, accompanied by email alerts to specific addresses. Automatic notifications can vastly improve the efficiency of critical event communication.


When a trailer has arrived at the loading dock, you could remotely open the dock door from your desk. If that temperature increase in a controlled-environment warehouse is detected, activate a digital camera to reveal the source without leaving your seat. Nearly any electrical device, from door openers and locks to valves and equipment switches can be integrated, making automated notifications even more valuable, and the issues accompanying them all the easier to deal with.


A forklift affixed with a tag can deliver up-to-the-second updates on availability or progress on assigned tasks. Emplacements can be installed on static locations, or on equipment such as forklifts or KANBAN carts, ensuring even assets on the move can stay in contact and on your radar.


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