Before embarking on a reusable container tracking or management initiative, the time always comes to consider the cost of implementation. One of the most common implementations of our own reusable container management systems makes use of passive RFID tags installed on every container you wish to track, as well as handheld scanners and dock door emplacements to capture their movements – giving you insights as to when your containers arrive, when they depart, how long they’ve remained unused, and much more. Technology affords us convenience… but those conveniences come with investment.

Over the last decade, as the user base for RFID hardware and integrated software has broadened, the improvements in both capability and affordability have been measurable. RFID container management systems are more readily understood and make more financial sense than ever before. While some organizations can be hesitant to “pull the trigger” on reusable container tracking, the reality is that they’re often already losing the money they could have saved from tracking and eliminating inefficiencies.
Inefficient container management can cost your organization:

  • …when you buy replacement containers for those that go missing
  • …when you purchase additional containers because a supplier (or customer) doesn’t return them on time
  • …when you have expediters who try to manually track reusables, and human error comes into play
  • …when you eat the full cost for lost or missing containers because you can’t establish responsibility and shift some of the cost
  • …when you spend the money anyway on alternate packaging due to a failure to get containers back when needed

When your arguments are, “RFID tracking is too expensive,” or, “our reusable management system is good enough,” it’s time to face the truth that RFID container management can help you improve efficiency throughout your supply chain, dramatically reduce waste, help you better predict overages and shortages… and, ultimately, save you quite a bit of money.
Now might be the time to re-evaluate your situation and consider starting a new reusable container management program. Track, manage, and reap the savings afforded by comprehensive RCM, enabled by RFID technology.


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