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Marking reusable containers gives each one a unique identity, allowing us to track each one individually to gather data about where and how it’s used. Applying barcoded markings to each reusable is not only an affordable serialization method, but capturing the barcodes via WAVE reusable’s handheld scanner application or Android mobile app is accurate, fast, and reduces the chance of manual entry errors.


Bulk container tracking systems are most often used when there is a strong trust relationship between the shipping and receiving parties, and their shipping processes don’t allow for the serialized transactions necessary for more granular containing tracking data. Bulk tracking systems are easier to implement, as each reusable container being tracked does not require its own unique tag, saving the time and expenses needed to undertake such an effort. Depending on how many reusables your enterprise works with, the savings can be significant.


Wave Reaction’s passive RFID tags are the perfect solution to many “in-process” issues. Lag time between drop-off and pick-up can be addressed and corrected without the need for extensive investigation. Wave Reaction manufactures our encapsulated passive RFID tags at a very reasonable price, and combined with size and very long lifespans, passive RFID tags are easily compatible with a wide variety of products, and are used in most of our solutions as a baseline tracking element.


Wave Reaction offers real-time monitoring with internally-powered active RFID tags that constantly broadcast signals for a reader to receive, even if they are not in the reader’s field. This capability makes active RFID far more secure than any other tracking device. The beacon and long-range communication capabilities of active RFID tags enable you to know exactly where your tagged assets are, and eliminate the need for a search when containers go missing. Programing a customized virtual warehouse on your computer system makes finding containers easier still with a virtual picture of where your reusable container is, down to the very row and shelf.


When your company has matured to the point it decides to buy its own fleet of new containers, Wave Reaction is ready to provide contacts and the expertise to work with manufacturers through the process of ensuring your specifications are matched, purchase orders are established, inspections are passed, and your product is delivered to your satisfaction.


Wave Reaction acquires and leases environmentally-friendly durable reusable containers, offering our container customers long-term operating leases, direct finance leases, and master lease agreements (MLA’s).


Wave Reaction’s highly-configurable cloud-based reusable container management software makes managing your entire supply chain easy, efficient, and effective. Suppliers and Factories can place orders for replacement containers online, while contracts offer program administrators comprehensive control over user site access, location shipping and receiving privileges, and a suite of management tools

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For the last 19 years, we’ve taken pride in helping OEMs, suppliers, and logistics companies figure out where their reusable containers are and where they are going next.  By developing large-scale applications for tracking our client’s data, we’ve given some of the most trusted brands in the world a powerful way to manage their world-wide returnable container programs.

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