We do it all.

Wave Reaction offers full-service reusable container management to allow companies to completely outsource their reusable container management program. You can focus on what you do best, while we focus on what sets us apart: exceptional reusable container management. We can take over your existing program or help you design one from scratch.

Tracking Services

We keep an eye on them. You’ll know what you have, where it is. We track it intelligently, and you save.

Management Services

We get your program under control, operate it more efficiently, and you achieve maximum ROI.

Logistics Services

We manage every move, with better-built trailers, shipments routed more effectively, and more.

We do it better.

Since 1998, Wave Reaction has redefined what it means to manage reusable containers. The days of assembling a team of your own people to manage the reverse logistics of a reusable program are over. We have designed, built, and deployed systems from the ground up focusing all efforts on delivering:

The Right Container

To The Right Location

At The Right Time

At The Least Cost

This delivery model revolutionizes the old “track-n-trace” system that produced reactionary results to a predictive, proactive approach that learns and continually improves. Below are just a few of the differentiators that set us apart from the competition.

Command & Control Center

Reduce layers of decision-making and management by utilizing our centralized Command & Control center. When used in conjunction with our Android-based Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and our impact identifying fulfillment algorithms, we can send real-time instructions directly to material handlers. We can orchestrate an entire enterprise from a single seat, pushing live non-conformance alerts and list of proactive solutions ranked by impact on the system.

Demand-Based Ordering

Limit the number of containers required by basing container movements on your company’s MRP demand. Too few containers requires alternate packaging plus repack, and too many containers uses valuable floor space and you eventually see an impact on piece price. The trick is to deliver the most economic quantity as few times as possible. We’ve defined six different fulfillment models to allow each container to be optimized, completely independent of one another.


Most companies waste a majority of their budget buying either the wrong container or too many containers. Let’s be honest – it’s easier to buy more containers than it is to fix your reusables fulfillment model. We help you identify the actual containers that need to be purchased by running real-world simulations based on your demand. From best-case scenarios to analysis based on your variables, you get a more accurate representation of your container requirements to drastically alter the number and type containers being ordered.

RFID Expertise

Utilizing RFID as a source of automated data capture helps eliminate errors and reduces the need for manual labor. Our years of RFID experience and the real-life testing scenarios at our Innovation Center allows us to answer questions like:

• How many RFID tags are needed to get the read accuracy required?
• Which technology works best for an identified use case? Passive RFID, Active RFID, Mesh and more have their strengths and weaknesses.

You benefit.

When your company uses Wave Reaction’s full-service reusable container management service, you not only get access to our industry expertise, experience, and award-winning technology solutions, you also reap the following benefits.

Save Money by NOT Doing It Yourself

Regardless of size, most reusable management programs encounter the same issues and experience the same growing pains. We manage the reusable containers of some of the most trusted brands in the world and have the experience to eliminate the guesswork.

Free Up Internal Resources

Don’t cannibalize your own resources by assigning valuable team members to work on something other than your company’s core competency.

Peace Of Mind

The value of a reusable container tracking and management system is in the result: getting the right reusable container to the right place at the right time at the least cost. Wave Reaction solutions are quick to deploy, simple to implement, and won’t throw your managers into a tailspin.

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