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Unlock Scale

Our Products

Configurable solutions that accelerate growth, reduce costs, and produce insights.

Configured to your needs

Cloud-based, highly configurable asset tracking and warehouse management systems (WMS) software for your operations. Wave Reaction products deliver real-time visibility and control to your complex manufacturing and logistics operations. Our clients use Wave Reaction to automate production and warehousing, lower costs and working capital needs, and accelerate the growth of their businesses. Our robust reporting suite enables clients to monitor their assets and inventory levels, identify trends and insights, and – ultimately – achieve their long-term operational goals.

Explore our products

Asset Tracking

Wave Reusables, enables users to manage and monitor reusable containers throughout their lifecycle which is crucial for optimizing resource usage, minimizing waste, and enabling high-impact, quantifiable sustainability initiatives.

Warehouse Management

Our warehouse management platform, Wave WMS, is highly configurable, enabling clients to automate processes and accelerate growth with limited process friction and best-in-class customer support.

Hardware Solutions

Wave Reaction provides a comprehensive suite of hardware solutions that cater to an array of industries and use cases. These solutions are designed to ensure accurate, real-time tracking of assets to optimize supply chain management.


Wave Reaction products integrate with an array of leading ERPs – including SAP, Quickbooks, NetSuite, Sage, and others. We also integrate with accounting software brands including QuickBooks.


Configure in-app, automated reports to track KPIs and goals. In addition to our Wave Reaction reporting suite, our products integrate with Microsoft Power BI so you can have best-in-class live dashboards at your fingertips.

Features for any industry

Asset Tracking and Management

Comprehensive asset tracking capabilities, including unique identifiers (such as RFID or barcodes) to accurately monitor the location, status, and condition of rented assets in real-time.

Inventory Visibility

Real-time visibility into inventory levels, providing insights into the availability and location of assets, enabling efficient allocation and preventing stockouts.

    Real-time Reporting and Analytics

    Robust reporting and analytics tools to gain insights into asset utilization, usage and consumption patterns, and overall warehouse performance, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

      Additional benefits:


      Mobile Accessibility:

      Mobile compatibility for on-the-go access to WMS functionalities, enabling field staff to update asset information, perform scans, and manage rental transactions using handheld devices.


      Security Measures:

      Robust security measures, including encryption and access controls, to protect sensitive customer and asset information and comply with data protection regulations.



      Scalability to accommodate the growing inventory and SKUs, expanding customer base, and evolving business requirements over time.


      User Training and Support:

      Comprehensive training resources and responsive customer support to assist users in understanding and effectively utilizing the WMS for asset rental operations.

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      Our products empower users to improve operational efficiency and reduce waste. Contact us and one of our experts will walk you through our range of solutions.