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WAVE reusables cloud platform


Our highly-configurable cloud-based reusable container management software makes managing your entire supply chain easy, efficient, and effective. Plus, by preventing the most common supply chain issues, you’ll stop waving goodbye to your budget, and start successfully managing your reusables to maximize savings.

Quick to implement, and offering unparalleled insight into your supply chain’s key performance indicators, your operation can benefit from our comprehensive, manageable reusables program, scaled to meet the needs of your unique business requirements.

  • Suppliers and Factories can place orders for replacement containers manually, or have orders automatically generated on their behalf based on historical demand to ensure your supply chain has what it needs to operate at peak efficiency
  • Contracts offer program administrators comprehensive control over user site access, location shipping and receiving privileges, and a suite of management tools
  • View critical performance metrics and run analytics from a fully-customizable Dashboard display to ensure your operation is running smoothly and saving you money
WAVE reusables cloud platform fills the gap in the standard “ERP-TMS-WMS” enterprise technology suite by providing reusable container management services as an independent, standalone application, with the potential to be realized as a fully integrated application as it matures, allowing companies to manage containers without having to make customizations to enterprise ERP installations. In its simplest form, WAVE reusables SaaS will act completely independent of the current technology stack. In its most mature operation, WAVE reusables SaaS will be setup to integrate directly with each of the software applications, providing complete reusable container tracking in addition to an assortment of operational efficiencies.

WAVE reusables mobile apps

Manage your reusables from anywhere with the WAVE reusables mobile application.  This multipurpose application integrates seamlessly with our web solution, with support for all leading Android handheld scanners, and access securely controlled by account level privileges.
  • Create and complete shipping and receiving records right from your phone or mobile device
  • Audit container usage, perform actions against service tickets, and perform location audits
  • Built-in continuous barcode scanning rapidly captures large volumes of barcodes with a single wave, and photo capture associates images with service and repair events
  • Define new stock-keeping units and pick-up and drop-off locations as an Administrator user, and see status activity updates in real time
  • Pick up and drop off shipments with one touch, with GPS and time stamp records automatically captured
  • Get up-to-the-second updates your delivery queue pushed to your mobile device in real time
  • Easily track activity time such as fuel stops, lunch breaks, and maintenance work



Audits don’t need to be a hassle.

Introducing Wave Reaction’s AUDIT IN A BOX, the one-box solution to organizing, capturing, and recording your location’s audit – fast, accurate, and easy.

Just follow our simplified setup steps, and scan your inventory with our capture device and the WAVE reusables mobile app, then send it back to us using the preprinted return label. Or, send the kit to your third-party suppliers to ensure their results are standardized, timely, and independently-verified. Point, scan, send it back. It’s as simple as that.

Standard audit kit includes:  

  • Handheld scanner, preconfigured with WAVE reusables software (RFID-enabled hardware available by request)
  • Process instructions
  • Remote support guarantee
  • Prepaid return shipping label

>Contact Wave Reaction with any questions or for more information.

WAVE Watchtower


The WAVE Watchtower is our multi-purpose remote emplacement, designed to support user interaction with our WAVE reusables software with the simple push of a button. Solutions are available for the remote operation of almost any electrical device, enabled by an array of sensors, from temperature and light level to weight change and physical position detection.

Activate a flashing light in the main office when a trailer has arrived at the loading dock, and remotely open the dock door from your desk. Sound an audible alarm when a temperature increase is detected in a controlled-environment warehouse, and activate a digital camera to reveal the source without leaving your seat. Affix to a forklift to ensure up-to-the-second updates on availability or progress on assigned tasks. WAVE Watchtower’s functionalities are limited only by your imagination.

  • Integrate with a variety of inputs, digital or analog, including push buttons, toggle, rotary, and contact switches, and light, temperature, and position sensors
  • Activate audible alarms and buzzers, flashing lights and rotating beacons, and nearly any electrical device, from door openers and locks to valves and equipment switches
  • Emplacements can be installed on static locations, or on equipment such as forklifts or KANBAN carts for mobile functionality

>Contact Wave Reaction with any questions or for more information.

WAVE reusables M2M apps


Wave Reaction’s strength is matched by its flexibility, and we offer integration with a variety of devices and software frameworks to capture data, facilitate automated processes, and enable communication between the WAVE reusables solution and your existing hardware.

  • Capture mass and dimensions with 3D scale app integration
  • Manage washing machine workload
  • Automate entry/departure capture with RFID integration

Note: Hardware featured is not included with WAVE reusable app.  Contact us for more information about supported hardware and leasing opportunities.

WAVE reusables RFID portal kitsdockdoor_hardware


Wave offers pre-configured radio-frequency portal kits for dock door emplacements, including RFID hardware and antennas, customized power and communication cables, and mounting hardware and instructions.  We even offer mobile RFID capture stations for temporary and testing environments.

  • Kits include all hardware necessary to get your capture emplacements enterprise-ready
  • Installation assistance and expertise available on contact
  • Custom software integration and programming available on contact


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For more than 20 years, we’ve taken pride in helping OEMs, suppliers, and logistics companies figure out where their reusable containers are and where they are going next.  By developing large-scale applications for tracking our client’s data, we’ve given some of the most trusted brands in the world a powerful way to manage their world-wide returnable container programs.


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