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WAVE reusables cloud platform


The WAVE reusables software suite brings a variety of reusable container management functionalities together in an intuitive and comprehensive package available on internet-ready workstations and industry-standard handheld scanners, and the flexibility and mobility of today’s mobile phones and tablets.

Every aspect of reusable container management process can be performed on the web and on-the-go, from Administrator-level management tasks, to shipment processing and quality assurance actions against service tickets.

WAVE reusables multi-platform solution
  • Suppliers and Factories can place orders for replacement containers manually, or have orders automatically generated on their behalf based on historical demand to ensure your supply chain has what it needs to operate at peak efficiency
  • Contracts offer program administrators comprehensive control over user site access, location shipping and receiving privileges, and a suite of management tools
  • View critical performance metrics and run analytics from a fully-customizable Dashboard display to ensure your operation is running smoothly and saving you money

WAVE WMS warehouse/yard management app


WAVE WMS is an all-in-one warehouse and yard management powerhouse, easily integrating with the WAVE reusables software suite – as well as most industry-standard logistics planning applications – to automate and track actions and activities from yard management to load-building.

Whether your inventory consists of raw materials or finished products, WAVE WMS can manage receipt, warehousing, tracking, picking, and delivery through the intelligent deployment of technology.


RFID QC portals


Wave Reaction offers pre-configured radio-frequency portal kits for dock door emplacements, including RFID hardware and antennas, customized power and communication cables and mounting hardware.

Passive QC gates are installed at “choke points” to capture tagged assets as they pass. These typically include on opposite sides of dock door ingress and egress points, though additional data granularity can be achieved with additional gates places at specific locations associated with a “container status” such as a repair station or storage bay.


Sensors can be integrated into the mount assembly, with the purpose of limiting reads from the antenna array to events in which an object passes through the gate to cut back on extraneous data capture and power usage.

A mounted light stack indicates at a glance when a read event successfully captures the presence of RFID tags.

Wave RFID portals

WAVE RTLS real-time asset location


Wave Reaction’s active RTLS solutions leverage the latest IoT technology to provide real-time location for people, equipment, and assets along with optional sensor data like motion, shock, temperature, humidity, light level, and more. Integration with Wave’s suite of software application ensures non-conformance events generate alerts based on item location with two-meter precision and gives users a pinpoint location on a facility map.


Hands-Free Verification


The Hands-Free Verification emplacement is designed for alignment over a moving conveyor belt, build for the purpose of verifying the content programmed into RFID tags attached to serialized assets.

A passive RFID antenna array captures the data encoded into tags as they pass underneath it. The lightstack integrated atop the NEMA enclosure displays a green light when the data on the tags matches the user’s prerequisites, or a red light to indicate any issue requiring additional quality assurance. A flat-panel display mounted on an adjacent pillar displays relevant data, including any errors.


Scanners can be positioned to capture barcodes applied to assets as they pass under the arm of the assembly, ensuring the RFID tags captured by the antennas are simultaneously associated with another form of identification.

Hands-Free Verification

WAVE reusables M2M apps


Wave Reaction’s strength is matched by its flexibility, and we offer integration with a variety of devices and software frameworks to capture data, facilitate automated processes, and enable communication between the WAVE reusables solution and your existing hardware.

  • Capture mass and dimensions with 3D scale app integration
  • Manage washing machine workload
  • Automate entry/departure capture with RFID integration

Note: Hardware featured is not included with WAVE reusable app.  Contact us for more information about supported hardware and leasing opportunities.

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For more than 20 years, we’ve taken pride in helping OEMs, suppliers, and logistics companies figure out where their reusable containers are and where they are going next.  By developing large-scale applications for tracking our client’s data, we’ve given some of the most trusted brands in the world a powerful way to manage their world-wide returnable container programs.


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