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Product Overview

Accelerate growth, reduce costs, and produce insights

Asset Tracking

Manage and monitor reusables throughout their lifecycle

Warehouse Management

Automate processes, eliminate friction, and accelerate growth

Hardware Solutions

Real-time asset tracking to optimize supply chain management

Industrial & Automotive OEM

We offer tailored solutions for Industrial & Automotive OEMs

Food & Beverage

Visibility and consistency are critical when producing Food & Beverage products

Durable Product Rentals

Logistics providers demand control and adaptability from our products

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We pride ourselves on continually meeting our clients evolving needs.


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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions

What is a Warehouse Management System (WMS), and what are its benefits?

A WMS is a software solution designed to streamline warehouse operations. For warehousing companies and manufacturers, it enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and provides real-time visibility into inventory and order fulfillment processes.

How does the WMS platform integrate with our existing systems, such as ERP or accounting software?

Our WMS is designed to seamlessly integrate with various systems, including ERP and inventory management software, ensuring a smooth flow of data between platforms for accurate and up-to-date information.

Can Wave WMS handle the specific needs of our manufacturing processes?

Wave WMS is highly configurable and accommodates the unique requirements of our diverse client base, including features for inventory storage, production line support, compliance / chain of custody, and managing inventory at different stages of production.

What types of reports and analytics does the WMS platform provide for monitoring warehouse performance?

The platform offers a range of customizable reports and analytics tools, allowing you to track key performance indicators (KPIs), monitor inventory turnover, analyze order accuracy, and gain insights into warehouse efficiency.

How does Wave WMS assist in optimizing warehouse space and inventory management clients with limited storage capacity?

The WMS employs advanced algorithms for dynamic zoning, recommending the most efficient location for items based on demand, picking frequency, FIFO / LIFO, and other factors. This helps maximize storage space and optimize inventory placement.

Is Wave WMS scalable to accommodate our business growth and changing operational needs?

Our WMS is designed to scale with your business. Whether you’re expanding your product lines, increasing SKUs, or adding new warehouses, the Wave platform can adapt to your evolving requirements.

Can Wave WMS handle batch processing and serial number tracking for our manufactured products?

Absolutely. Wave WMS supports batch processing and provides robust serial number tracking capabilities, ensuring traceability and compliance with industry regulations.

How does the WMS contribute to order accuracy and on-time shipments for mid-market manufacturers?

By automating order fulfillment processes, optimizing picking routes, and minimizing errors through barcode and RFID technology, the WMS enhances order accuracy and contributes to on-time shipments.

What kind of training and support options are available for our team during the WMS implementation process?

We provide comprehensive training resources, documentation, and on-site support during the implementation phase. Additionally, ongoing customer support with both our Account Management and Engineering teams is available to address any queries or issues that may arise.

How does Wave WMS enhance visibility into our supply chain, and what role does it play in demand forecasting?

Wave WMS provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, order status, and shipment tracking. This data, combined with advanced analytics, supports more accurate demand forecasting, helping you optimize inventory levels and reduce stockouts.

How can Wave Reusables contribute to my company’s sustainability efforts?

The software promotes sustainability by optimizing the use of reusable assets, minimizing waste, and ensuring efficient asset utilization through continuous monitoring and tracking.

What types of assets does the system track?

Wave Reusables is designed to track various reusable assets, such as containers, garments, engines, tools, and other industrial products. We can configure your instance of Wave Reusables based on your needs by employing features such as rentals management, repair and maintenance tracking, and cycle documentation for regulatory bodies.

How does the software help in optimizing the maintenance of reusable assets?

The software employs real-time tracking and analytics to capture asset utilization and history, determine efficient maintenance protocols, and flag products for repair to extend the lifespan of assets.

What technologies are used for tracking reusable containers, and how accurate is the tracking information?

The software utilizes technologies such as RFID, GPS, and sensors for real-time tracking. The combination of these technologies ensures accurate and precise tracking information, including location, condition, and usage history.

How does the system handle maintenance and repair processes for reusable containers?

The software automates maintenance scheduling based on usage data and triggers alerts for timely repairs. It ensures that containers are in optimal condition, reducing the need for premature replacements and contributing to the circular economy.

Can the software provide insights into the environmental impact and sustainability metrics of the reusable container fleet?

Yes, the software generates reports and analytics on sustainability metrics, including carbon footprint, energy usage, and materials saved through the reuse of containers. This information supports organizations in measuring and improving their environmental impact.

How does the system address security and data privacy concerns, especially considering the interconnected nature of supply chains?

The software employs robust security measures to protect sensitive data. We prioritizes data privacy and compliance with relevant regulations to ensure the secure handling of information within the interconnected supply chain.